Full-Time REAltor® since 1987

Tom Perry: Since 1987, my focus has been to learn enough to be a great agent for all my clients. I love what I do as you will see should we decide to work together. The knowledge and negotiation skills I have learned from being on all sides of hundreds of transactions is certainly a benefit to my clients.


Keeping up with the swift technology changes, current legal issues and local trends in the market is a necessary daily task for me that gives my clients the upper hand when it’s time to sell or buy real estate.  I also teach these insights from my vast experience and study to new and experienced brokers on customer service, an overview of the contracts and negotiation skills.


Seller’s Net Top Dollar:  I constantly study the process of getting homes SOLD for top dollar and the current technologies that get the job done. With that, there is little left to chance with my “Net Top Dollar” system. Effective marketing exposure is all about preparation, presentation, and demonstration. We will give the buyer plenty of reasons to offer a higher price for the property. I make pricing simple, no guessing. You will look at the price with three completely different methods, plus the current market trends and positioning models. Your final SOLD price is dependent on your preparation and your agent’s negotiation skills.



Stress Free Buyer Process:  I know that it’s preparation that brings the greatest results. I take the stress out by showing you the home buying process, financing tips and the purchase agreements used to purchase your next home.  With this “No Stress” Buyer system you will be prepared, confident and have a clear mind as you look for your next home.  Follow my proven search method. I guarantee that you will be exposed to all the right homes for sale in real time, see the homes quickly and be prepared to make a serious offer on the one you like.  


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